Olivia Davis


How To Be Cheap and Still Have Good Brows

Okay, so I made this genius discovery many years ago when Anastasia Dip Brow first arrived on the scene and my poor-college-student-butt wasn't about to continue to spend $18 on a jar of brown paste. I wrote about it on my old blog site and it got so many hits that I figured it was only fair to re-post it here.

So the story goes that I was sick of my eyebrows vanishing from my face before midday when using my trusty but ancient Anastasia Brow Powder Duo (still a great option for subtle, natural brows, mature skin, and those who are dry). I looked to my makeup kit for a solution, and alas, my holy grail product appeared before my eyes - Maybelline's 24hr Color Tattoo in Tough as Taupe. I applied it to my eyebrows with a chunky angled eyebrow brush (my favorite is the Real Techniques Brow Brush from their Starter Set), and voila, defined yet still natural looking brows were born, that didn't come off until I said so. No I'm serious, I sleep in this stuff after a long night of sweating my ass of at a bar on a regular basis, and my brows are still in the same place the next morning. Yes I sometimes sleep in my makeup, sue me.

So to compare - both products are pretty damn similar. Both come with the same amount of product in them - 0.14oz - more than enough to last you for the next decade, or at least until it dries out, an inevitable problem that I think we all find happening with potted products (pro tip - mix some vegetable glycerin or eye drops into potted cream products to give them new life). However, when comparing prices, it's obvious which product gives you the more bang for your buck. You can find the Maybelline version easily at most drugstores for around $6-$7, while I purchased its high end twin for $18 at Sephora.


The packaging of both is virtually identical, with a sturdy, expensive feeling glass pot holding the product.

As for their consistencies, again I'd say they're almost identical, both boasting a very thick creamy texture, except I actually might like the consistency of the Maybelline version slightly better as I find it a bit thicker, helping me to create a more defined brow.


When comparing the two colors, I'd say they're not so comparable - but I don't fault the Anastasia one for that - I think I just bought the wrong color. Both are named taupe, but Maybelline's is quite a bit darker and cooler toned than Anastasia's, which fits my fair, slightly pink coloring better (and tbh most people's). I think Anastasia's version in the color Ash Brown would probably be a better color dupe.


I'd say both have about the same staying power. When applying, I always dip my brush in the product, and then brush it onto the back of my hand to remove excess before painting on my brows, and also to work it into the brush. Sometimes I'll forget to wipe the product off the back of my hand with a makeup wipe, and I can honestly say that even 2 days later, there is often product residue left over, even after a shower. Yeah, this stuff is that long wearing - something my sweaty self can appreciate.

So which one wins in my book? Maybelline's 24hr Color Tattoo, hands down. Unfortunately, Tough as Taupe seems to be the only "normal" color they have out right now, unless you like a nice purple brow of course (hey, I don't judge!). I'm anxiously waiting to see if they will release any more "human toned" colors - though, the leather collection of their color tattoos could potentially be another option, though they looked a little shimmery/shiny to me in online swatches - which brings me to another point. I'm actually really starting to become a huge fan of using a product with a slight shimmer in it for the brows, as our hair can naturally have some sparkle to it when it catches the light, so using a matte color can sometimes result in one-dimensional brows. Just something to watch out for. Anastasia's Tinted Brow Gel is my absolute fave for this purpose (I plan on doing a review on this one soon).

Okay, that's all for now. Just promise me one thing - please do your part to help end the Scouse Brow epidemic that Instagram so kindly thrust upon us by keeping 'em natural.